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The beginning of the 'Disco' era! 



1975 and Andy Mac had moved to Wantage, a small town in the County of Berkshire, he played at a local disco called 'Scamps', which helped him to secured a residency for 3 nights a week at another Scamps Disco in Hemel Hempstead. 
Throughout 1975 he became the highest paid DJ in the Scamps group, working from 8pm to 2 am each night. All of these night club spots are long gone!

During this time he had been seen by a local entertainment agent and was asked to perform at
RAF Greenham Common.
At that time all US bases on UK soil were designated 'RAF' although they were in fact US Air Force. It was still several years before nuclear missiles were to be stationed at Greenham Common.  

It was the start of the real Disco period, dancing and having fun was the order of the day, and Andy worked at all of the US bases throughout the South of England.

Although it wasn't all plain sailing, as Andy recalls; ' One day I drove 60 miles to RAF Chicksands, set up all of the equipment, switched it on and there was an explosion from inside the pre-amp of the turntables, all of the lights went out in the venue and a curl of blue smoke issued from the offending equipment!
A couple of expletives later I realized I could not fix the problem and didn't have any backup I quickly packed everything back in to the van and before the lights came back on drove away.......I am pretty sure I did not get paid that night! And I know I never went back!

Apart from the instance above, which can only be put down to equipment failure, wherever Andy played he was an instant hit. Appearing at all of these US bases 'RAF Upper Heyford' in Oxford, 'RAF Bentwaters' in Ipswich, 'RAF Lakenheath' and 'RAF Mildenhall' both in Bury St Edmunds and 'RAF Welford' in Berkshire.

During one of Andy’s gigs at Greenham Common, a scout for the US Airforce Entertainment Liaison Office asked for his contact details. Several days later his agent called to ask if he would like to go to Naples, Italy and try out in a new disco on the NATO Base. The contract would be for 2 months! He would need to take his disco equipment and make his own way there. Without hesitation Andy Mac packed up the equipment and headed for Naples.


AndyandSpreadEagleDisco.JPGSome of the songs from 1975 and 1976,

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Jive Talking - Bee Gees, That’s The Way I Like It - KC & The Sunshine Band, The Hustle - Van McCoy, Daddy Cool - Boney M,

Who Loves You - Four Seasons, Heaven Must Be Missing An Angel - Tavares, Don't Go Breaking My Heart - Elton John & Kiki DeeJust to be close to you - The Commodores, Breezing - George Benson

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